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The Benefits of a CAD Designed Oak Frames

Posted on by Carvalo Team

Gone are the days of chipping away at timber by hand to create an oak frame; as technology has advanced, so have our methods of construction. Here at Carvalo we use cutting edge technology to design and manufacture oak frames, ensuring perfect craftsmanship and very precise measurements. In this month’s article, we’re looking at our … Continue reading

Conservatory Planning Permission

Posted on by Carvalo Team

Whether it’s to increase the living space of your home or to create a welcoming area to relax in over summer, a conservatory is a fantastic addition to any home that can increase kerb appeal and add value. However, when designing your conservatory, it is important to ensure your planned conservatory is a permitted development … Continue reading

Construction Process for Oak Frames

Posted on by Carvalo Team

Whether you’re constructing an oak stable, garage or even a home, the process of building an oak frame is normally the same. To give you more information about what you can expect when constructing an oak frame, the team here at Carvalo have put together a step-by-step guide of the process. Site preparation The first … Continue reading

Garage Planning Permission

Posted on by Carvalo Team

Constructing a new building on your land or adding an extension onto an existing building always raises the same question: Do I need planning permission? If you’re looking to add a garage to your home, you will need all the information about the planning permission laws and regulations to ensure your new garage will be … Continue reading

Glazing Methods for Oak Frame Buildings

Posted on by Carvalo Team

When it comes to glazing an oak frame building, there are two different methods – direct and external. Both methods have various benefits and downsides, and it really does come down to individual frames’ requirements as well as the person carrying out the work to decide which method will be used. Here, we run through … Continue reading

Porch Planning Permission

Posted on by Carvalo Team

Porches are a great addition to any home, providing an area of refuge in cold or wet weather while fumbling for one’s keys – somewhere to keep mucky shoes and umbrellas, and even for an extra ‘layer’ of safety between your property’s front door and the outside world. Not only are they extremely practical, but … Continue reading

What is Green Oak?

Posted on by Carvalo Team

Green oak is a term which describes oak that is unseasoned and freshly sawn to be used for timber framing. A popular choice in much construction work today, green oak has a whole host of benefits to its name, making it extremely in-demand within the construction industry. The name ‘green oak’ simply means the following: … Continue reading

Welcome to our new blog

Posted on by Carvalo Team

The team at Carvalo are delighted to welcome you to our brand new blog! As part of our dedication to effective customer communication, we’ve set this space up to share with you news and information, both from within the company and from the wider world of oak framing. So check back regularly for new posts, … Continue reading