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What is Green Oak?

Posted on by admin.adtrak

green oakGreen oak is a term which describes oak that is unseasoned and freshly sawn to be used for timber framing. A popular choice in much construction work today, green oak has a whole host of benefits to its name, making it extremely in-demand within the construction industry.

The name ‘green oak’ simply means the following:

  • The oak has been recently cut in order to be used in timber framing projects
  • ‘Green’ also refers to the amount of moisture in the timber, and this type of oak will have a moisture content of between 30% – 80%.


Green oak is used in a variety of projects as it holds a number of benefits, both structural and aesthetic. These include:

  • Green oak is easier to cut and shape than seasoned oak
  • Because of the minimal processing of green oak from forest to finished product, it is actually surprisingly affordable.
  • The oak is extremely versatile, attractive and works just as well as other woods in bringing a pleasing aesthetic to a variety of types of building
  • Green oak simply looks fantastic as a building product and will add value to any building it is used on.

Where can it be used?

Green oak tends to be used in the structure of roofs, as well as within floor and ceiling rafters and beams within a building. Though a great material to use, remember to be careful using green oak in cases such as lintels where its purpose is to directly support masonry. Since cement masonry is brittle and can easily crack due to shrinkage that occurs as the green oak dries, a better material for something like the lintel is seasoned oak which will only shrink minimally.

So if you require a versatile, attractive wood at a great price for your construction project, green oak could well be the perfect solution for you.

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